What is USPS M-bag Service?

M-packs are sacks of printed matter, for example, books or publicizing material sent to a solitary outside recipient at a solitary location. M-packs are characterized as immediate sacks of printed matter sent to a solitary remote recipient at a solitary location. The “sack” is a canvas pack for mailing printed things, for example, books or promoting material.

The main things permissible in M-packs are Printed matter (papers, magazines, diaries, books, sheet music, indexes, registries, business publicizing, and limited time matter). For more data, allude to the International Mail Manual (IMM) Sect. 260. Additional Services might be included. (Check the Postage Price Calculator for accessibility.)

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Measurements and Weight Limits for M-sacks:

M-sacks are roughly 4 feet tall and 36 crawls in width. Weight Least – There is no base weight limit for M-sack utilization. In any case, if your M-pack weighs under 11 pounds, you are as yet required to pay the relevant 11-pound postage cost. Most extreme – 66 pounds, however bring down limits apply to specific nations.

  • Airmail M-sacks
  • Worldwide Priority Airmail (IPA)
  • Worldwide Surface Airlift (ISAL)

Note: When IPA and ISAL M– sacks are dropped at an International Service Center (ISC), the drop shipment isn’t liable to the 11-pound least cost; rather, it is liable to the 5-pound mini­mum cost.

Things must be set into at least one individual packages(before being put in the M-pack sack either at home or at the Post Office) bearing the name and conveyance data of the sender and beneficiary. Each bundle sent in the M-pack must be checked “Postage Paid – M-sack.”

Mailpieces arranged as a mass mailing must bear a U.S. return address. The arrival address must be unmistakable outwardly of the mail piece. The sacks and mailing labels (i.e., PS Tag 158) required for M-pack section can be acquired from neighborhood Post Office offices and are allowed to those utilizing the administration.

May not be enrolled or guaranteed.

As often as possible used by remote understudies who go to class in the U.S. what’s more, need a cheap method to send their books home. M-packs might be sent to PO Boxes™. M-sacks are come back to sender on the off chance that they are undesirable at no charge.