Send a Mailpiece Using USPS Global Express Guaranteed® Service?

 Find Out Facilities for Mail Global Express Guaranteed® Items?

While ascertaining a cost for GXG in the Postage Price Calculator, a “GXG Mailing Locations” screen will show up subsequent to clicking “Figure”.

  • Enter the ZIP Code from which the thing will be sent.
  • Subsequent to choosing “Check ZIP Code” offices where you can mail your thing from will show. Clicking “Proceed” will make the “GXG Dimensional Weight” page show up. (On the off chance that an office is inaccessible, a blunder message will show up.)
  • Enter the shape and measurements of your mailpiece and hit “Proceed”. The framework will come back to the page with the costs.
  • Close to the base, the facility(s) will show up where the client can go to mail the thing.
  • On the off chance that no office is accessible, the framework will supply a message that GXG isn’t accessible for the ZIP Code entered.
  • Another ZIP Code must be entered or select “Back” to come back to the Mailing Services page.

Items Handled Damage on Global Express Guaranteed® Mail Service?

Clients ought to be encouraged to present their thing specifically at the Retail Counter of a nearby Post Office™ (LPO) that acknowledges GXG® things. A client may in any case get some information about how a GXG bundle is taken care of, since they are conveyed globally in organization with FedEx. The greatest concerns may include bundles that are sent erroneously, (for example, utilizing the wrong mark or putting in a FedEx drop box rather than a Postal Service Priority Mail Express® gathering box served by a partaking Global Express Guaranteed Post office).

  • The accompanying diagram illuminates how GXG bundles are taken care of by the Postal Service™ (counting right and off base entries/stores):
  • Sweep, gauge, and value the bundle.
  • Take to Retail Service Counter to be checked, gauged, and evaluated.
  • Take to Retail Service Counter to be checked, gauged, and evaluated.
  • ut with DHL label): Take to Retail Service Counter to be repackaged, checked, gauged, and evaluated.
  • Acknowledge the thing from the FedEx transporter and take to the Retail Service Counter to be checked, gauged, and valued.