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See Click-N-Ship in real life

With, your Post Office™ is the place you are. To begin Click and Ship, sign into or agree to accept a free account. At that point you can enter your bundle subtleties, pay for postage, print your transportation name, and timetable a free bundle pickup. It’s that simple to Pay, Print and Ship .

You can make a postage mark utilizing your tablet with no compelling reason to squeeze and zoom, and after that send it specifically to your remote printer. A few applications and frameworks exist to help associate tablets to Wi-Fi-empowered printers. Simply ensure your printer is bolstered.

Track all packages international and domestic easily through online via USPS Tracking

Send Many Things to Many Places

In case you’re sending indistinguishable bundles to a few puts in, making a clump request makes it simple to print up to 20 marks with postage on the double.

Most residential Priority Mail® shipments as of now fit the bill with the expectation of complimentary protection up to $503, however you can buy extra protection you may require as you’re venturing through the print-and-ship process.

Calendar a Pickup

When you pay for and print your postage mark, you can plan a free Package Pickup2 appropriate from your home and incorporate explicit directions for your transporter. Or then again for a charge, you can ask for an explicit day and time for pickup.

Need to get Signature Confirmation™? Need to require an Adult Signature? You can buy additional administrations or set conveyance guidelines while creating the delivery name, such as requesting that the bearer leave a bundle if there’s no reaction at the entryway.

Conveyance Instructions enables beneficiaries to approve USPS to leave a qualified bundle at an explicit area, or for extra postage, divert the bundle to another household area and move up to Priority Mail Express® or Priority Mail® benefit.

Get Free Package Pickup Collapse FAQ question

When your thing is stuffed and prepared for mailing and your delivery mark with postage is printed, you can plan a free Package Pickup ideal from your front entryway, so you truly never need to leave home.2 If you require your bundle got on an explicit day at an explicit time, you can ask for it for a charge.

Try not to have a scale helpful? Try not to stress. There’s no compelling reason to gauge a shipment when you utilize our Flat Rate boxes and envelopes. In the event that It Fits, It Ships® anyplace in the U.S. for mailable things up to 70 lbs.

Set Your Shipping Preferences

Have a kind of local bundle you deliver most? Need to get messages with following updates? Need to advise beneficiaries of shipments? It’s anything but difficult to set these inclinations and that’s just the beginning, which can spare you time.