Find USPS Tracking Number – Track USPS Package

Easily locating a USPS Tracking, firstly, you want to know what exactly you’re looking for and where to look. Once you will find USPS tracking number, you can use the internet form on USPS or contact the United States Postal Service customer care from here by phone. Using your tracking number can effectively locate your package.

Track packages and shipments: United States Postal Service Tracking

How To Locate Your USPS Tracking Number

  1. First look on your post-office shipping receipt: When you visit one of the Nearest post offices, they will give you a receipt for your purchase. Then you can find USPS tracking printed at the bottom of your sales receipt.
  2. Take your insurance receipt: If your package value is more than $50 USD, you may have purchased additional shipping insurance receipt. Bottom of your insurance receipt is found USPS Tracking
  3. Check your confirmation email from USPS: Shipped your package using of USPS Tracking, you should have received an email confirmation from your mail.
  4. Check your email confirmation from an online retailer:  If you made a purchase on an online retailer, and they shipped your package using USPS, then you will get an email confirmation from shipping. This email should be able to find your tracking number. If you don’t receive any email confirmation, you may directly contact your retailer.
  5. Examine the peel-off bottom portion USPS tracking: When you shipped a person’s package at the post office, the clerk will give a peel-off sticker’s barcode and then paste into your package. Then will have a USPS Tracking at the bottom.
  6. If you missed your delivery flip over the orange slip: If you are not able to receive a package, you should find an orange slip in your mailbox. This orange slip will give all the information about how to receive your package. You can easily find USPS tracking number on the back side of the orange slip.

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